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Being known as one of the top three biodiversity hot spots in Australia, Iron Range Wildlife is a home to 86 species of unique mix of birds that has no equivalent in the country.

Why unique? It’s because the tropical rainforests of Iron Range National Park is in close proximity to Papua New Guinea then to the tropical rainforests of the Wet Tropics (Cairns area). Over deep time Australia and PNG have been joined as sea levels rise and fall which had resulted to this interesting mix of wild life.

When wildlife seems difficult to see, who you gonna call? Chris Dean! Don’t miss out on an opportunity to ask, locate and see those species through our well known Bird tracker-Chris Dean.

This is a great tour if you are looking for specific species and manage your time according to your bird watching goals.

What questions can you ask to the Bird Tracker?

- Have the red-bellied pittas arrived yet?  Where can I see a northern scrub robin?  I want to photograph a red-checked parrot, where can I do that?  Where are the spotted whistling ducks?   Where can I see the magnificent rifle-bird? Can I see the palm cockatoo drumming?  You can ask the Bird Tracker all this and more.

Portland Rd, Lockhart QLD 4892, Australia

Tour Type: Land only

Operating Time: Daily. Except Christmas Day.

Hours Of Operation: 06:00-18:00

Duration: Half day (4hours). Times may vary depending upon conditions.

Some portions of the itinerary could be substituted or forgone for operational reasons on the day.

Departure Time: 6:00 A.M.

Departure Point: Lockhart River Arts - 1 Piiramo Street, Lockhart River, Queensland 

Suitability: All. Suitable for all types of persons.

Disabled Facilities: None. Some aspects of this tour may be inaccessible to guests with disabilities.

Fitness Level: Medium. A medium level of fitness is recommended for this tour.

Group Tour: Yes. Whilst we specialise in personalised nature-based eco-touring we can and do accommodate groups

Situation: Outdoor on and around the remarkable Iron Range national Park.

Tour features: Cape York and Tropical Wildlife, Traditional Indigenous culture and scenery of the unspoilt areas of Iron Range National Parks is where this tour concentrates.

Cancellation Policy applies. See Terms & Conditions.

Lockhart River / Bird Watching is approximately 800kms north of Cairns. It is isolated and cannot be reached easily during wet season when the roads are often closed when plane or boat is the only way in.  During the dry season, May - Nov, Lockhart River and Portland Roads can be accessed from the Penisula Development Road.  You need to check the status of these roads before departure.  Its advisable to use a well maintained 4WD and have some off road experience, as much of the road is dirt from Laura onwards and often has some corregation and larger ruts. 

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We suggest you use  for road conditions and for the weather.