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The First Australians. Before the arrival of the British in 1788, Australia’s Indigenous peoples both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders inhabited the country from the Islands just to the south of New Guinea to Tasmania and what is now known as Western Australia. There were over 500 distinctive clans with different languages, cultures and beliefs.

Cassowary Coast Region

Cassowary Coast Region is named after an endangered flightless bird that lives in the region. This community is located in the Far North Queensland, south of Cairns. The region includes towns, rural and coastal communities and covers an area of approximately 4,700 square kilometres. It covers the...

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Gunbalanya, also known as Oenpelli, is an Aboriginal community in Northern Territory, Australia. It is located approximately 300 kilometers east of Darwin on the western border of Kakadu National Park. This community is made up of a number of Aboriginal clans. The main language spoken in Gunbalan...

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The town of Katherine is Northern Territory’s largest settlement after Darwin. Located 320 kilometers south-east of Darwin and nested along the magnificent Katherine River. Its location intersects the north and south of the Stuart Highway, as well as the Victoria Highway. It is also called ...

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Kuranda "The Village in the Rainforest" is situated 25km northwest of Cairns. It lies on the eastern edge of the Atherton Tableland where the Barron River begins to plunge to its coastal floodplain. It is fringed by a pristine rainforest that naturally filters the air. This small scenic...

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Lockhart River

It was in the year 1924 when Lockhart River was founded due to the coercion of the KuukuYa’u, Wuthathi, Umpila, Kaanju and Uuthalganu clans to a new Anglican mission at Orchid Point. However, the mission was moved in 1925 to Bare Hill (putchiwu’chi) since it had a preferable water sup...

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Situated on the northern part of Queensland coastline, and seated just about 45 minutes drive from Cairns is the ‘paradise’ of the Yarrabah community. The Township of Yarrabah is for the most part located adjacent to Mission Bay. The tribes Gunggandji and Yidinji, are its main re...

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