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2 nights

Muuntha homelands has been a family property for many decades. We have worked hard to get to where we are today. We believe it is a beautiful part of the country, too good not to share. We offer great fishing, bird watching, nature walks and 4wd.

We charge per car, a fee of $20, maximum 4 cars per booking.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do and look forward to seeing you there.

Cooktown McIvor River Rd, Cooktown QLD 4895, Australia

We ask that no dogs are allowed for hunting purposes. No firearms. Please check with owners in regards to fires for your campsite. Tidy up and maintain campsite and take rubbish with you. Dispose of waste (human) by burying. Keep alcohol, loud music to a minimum and to your campsite. Keep alcohol away from the water. Any aggression will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave.

We ask that you be wise and stay safe around the water. Extinguish any campfire, gas light, burners ect when campsite is unattended. Be aware of the wildlife and feral animals such as dingo's and bush pigs, extreme caution around the water due to crocodiles and on land with snakes. If boating please be aware of tidal times and variations and always use protective gear.

Muuntha Homelands is located on the outskirts of Mt Webb National Park. Upon booking you will be informed on where the location is and how to get there.